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School is coming to a close- the year has certainly flown by. We hope you all had a great year!

We can help you with your MTSS/formative assessment needs through Skills Iowa and WritetoLearn. According to Professor John Hattie, formative assessment has a .9 effect size on student learning, indicating a strong intervention. 
Listen to how Stephanie Mohorne at Waterloo used Skills Iowa to turn her school from a Persistently Low Achieving School to one of the highest performing schools in the district. Skills Iowa provides monthly benchmark assessments in literacy and three annual math benchmarks, all aligned to the Core for students in grades 3-12. Additionally, districts, schools, and  teachers can make their own assessments using our item bank in math, literacy, and science and can write their own assessments in all three disciplines plus social studies.
Watch what WritetoLearn can do for you in this short Webinar. WritetoLearn provides remarkable teacher data that informs instruction related to the Core and the 6Traits of Writing. WritetoLearn also allows teachers to assign more writing without the burden of having to provide all of the feedback. Classrooms that use WritetoLearn increase the amount of writing students do and they improve student writing skills and reading comprehension.
Contact Susie Olesen (515-251-5970 x 6 or 641-745-5284 or Susie@SkillsIowa.org) or Josie Gerrietts (515-251-5970 x 13 or -515-229-9809 or Josie@SkillsIowa.org) for more information.



Spring Math Benchmark
April 25th- June 3rd

3rd- 9007101

4th- 9007116

5th- 9007121

6th- 9007206

7th- 9007211

8th- 9007243

Alg1- 9007258

Alg2- 9007287

Geo- 9007278


Spring ELA: Non-Fiction Science

3rd- 9007748

4th- 9007753

5th- 9007749

6th- 9007760

7th- 9007763

8th- 9007771

9th- 9007884

10th- 9007948

11th- 9007986

Benchmark Calendar




Report Loading Information

All of the administrative reports are loaded overnight. They will appear in the admin accounts the day after the tests are taken.

In teacher accounts Item response, Score Distribution, Student Performance on Standards and Longitudinal Reports are all added when the tests are completed. Performance Band, Assessment Comparison and Detailed Performance on Standards Reports are loaded overnight and available the day after the tests are completed.



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Join Skills Iowa today. You'll enjoy...


  • Access to edifyASSESS, an easy-to-use,  web-based assessment program that provides on-line and/or on-paper assessments in math and reading comprehension aligned to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS)
  • Benchmarks provided in reading comprehension and mathematics aligned to CCSS
  • Ability to use Skills Iowa Assessments for your second assessment
  • Teachers able to make their own assessments if they choose
  • Extensive training and support
  • A wonderful addition to your district-wide assessment plan that provides both interim and formative assessment capability.

Contact Susie Olesen for demo and find out more of the benefits! Susie@skillsiowa.org 641-745-5284  or Watch the Skills Iowa Demo here!


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